August 2017 Academic
Title Type Author Date Size Tags
AEES11/2017: Lecturer (Dietetics and Human Nutrition) School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences Pietermaritzburg Campus Closing date: 21 August 2017 .pdf August 04, 2017 23.86 KB Download
AES05/2017: SOUTH AFRICAN RESEARCH CHAIR (SARChI) Fluorine Process Engineering and Separation Technology College of Agriculture, Engineering & Science Closing Date: 18 August 2017 .pdf August 04, 2017 72.20 KB Download
MSCS05/2017: Professor/Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer/Lecturer (Statistics) School of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science Westville/ Pietermaritzburg Campus Closing date: 25 August 2017 .pdf August 02, 2017 27.20 KB Download

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